At M Godat Consulting,

we take pride in our values

and the focus we place on

you and your staff.

We strive to ensure that

we work within the spirit of:


artnership, relationship
building and teamwork


ngaging actively with
the client


penly communicating
with honesty and integrity


mindful of the cultural
sensitivities surrounding
the organization and its


eadership & committing
to the integrity of
processes and procedures
to ensure outcomes


ffectively delivering
outcomes within
agreed timelines

About Us

M Godat Consulting offers focused and targeted development approaches, complete project development and management of training, educational and learning programs or projects, and learning environments development and support.

Meredith Godat is an Educational and Training Consultant with over 20 years local, national and international experience in the development of training, educational and learning programs and projects.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to establish partnerships with clients to build individual, team and organizational capabilities that align with the strategic directions and objectives of the business, and requirements for skills and competencies development.  We aim to provide training solutions and learning environments that meet your people and organizational needs in an open and collaborative approach.

Our Approach

M Godat Consulting is focused on capability and organizational development.  Our approach is to deliver true work-based and workplace training, and blended learning environments that focus on building organizational capabilities, ensuring that these align with business objectives and strategies.  Our whole-of-development cycle approach engages clients from the frontend through to establishing measurable follow-through processes on outcomes and deliverables